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Material Testing and Quality Control Department

At Mastour Ready Mix, we understand that our concrete and cement products are unique and versatile building materials in the world/gulf/Saudi. It can assume virtually any shape and reach great strengths. Concrete is ideal for any building project such as residential homes, schools, high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, highways etc. Concrete is perishable in its plastic state and very "sensitive" from the time the raw materials are combined to the final product. Mixing, transportation, placing, and curing can influence its plastic and hardened properties. This is why Mastour Ready Mix places great emphasis on quality by expanding the parameters of its concrete quality management model from quality control to quality assurance. Mastour Ready Mix is leading the way to higher quality practices with the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the guidelines and principles

Laboratory materials

Different quality tests for Ready mix concrete depending on the time of testing

Tests done before delivery: - such as the test (SLUMP TEST) by which the test in coherence of concrete mix where to take a sample from the truck before delivery and is measured by the degree of decline in concrete as shown in Figure.

Tests after the mortar : - After the arrival of concrete to the delivery location, sample was being made to make sure that it in compliance with the specifications required by client from 15mpa to 100mpa. , According to American standards - British - Saudi Arabia, as well as the American Concrete Institute through cubes or cylinders which are cured and will be tested after 7 days and 28 days, as I have a company mobile laboratory, issued full reports and statistical analysis to verify the specifications and mix design already installed, also verify the quality of the concrete at the site after 7 days and 28 days through a variety of tests conducted at the site and mention some of them for example.
*Hammer Test.
*Test section (coring Test)

Various Test on Concrete

Slump Test

Slump test is one of fresh concrete tests. Slump test is made to measure the consistency of fresh concrete mix , It's the most commonly used all over the world according to (ASTM c143-78) . The main purpose of measuring consistency by slump test is to achieve acceptable fresh concrete workability

Hardened Test

There are several reasons why testing of hardened concrete is important: (1) test can investigate the fundamental physical behavior of concrete. (2) When physical laws are not fully understood testing can simulate expected conditions to evaluate performance. (3) tests to determined physical material constants. and (4) quality control.

Concrete Raw Materials Test

In Mastour ReadyMix, we carryout testing for various concrete raw materials namely OPC, PPC, PSC, Fly Ash, Silica Fume, Coarse Aggregates, Fine Aggregates, water and Admixtures. We also carry out various tests on Concrete Specimen Cube Compression Test, Rapid Chloride Penetration Test (RCPT) etc.

Hammers Test

Hammers Test provides the most economical, quick and easy concrete compressive strength test in the field. It will also provide an indices of hardness and compressive strength for other construction materials.

Compression Test

Compression test lets you know the strength of your concrete once it hardens. The compressive strength test is performed by assessing the force needed to break concrete cylinders in varying levels of hardness. When using concrete for buildings or other structures, the compressive strength of the concrete must comply with the Building Code Requirement for Reinforced Concrete.

Unit Weight Test

The concrete's weight is also tested. A sample of fresh concrete, in controlled volume size, is measured so that an estimate on the weight of concrete can be assessed. This is important for safely transporting and laying the concrete.

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